Full-service Election Management Systems: Supporting Governments throughout the Electoral Process​

Election Management Platform

Athena is Laxton’s Identity Management Platform. It guarantees the secure, efficient, and accurate processing of voter identities. This robust platform features advanced voter registration and verification mechanisms, enhancing transparency and trustworthiness in the electoral process.

Election Software Modules

On top of Athena, Laxton offers various Election Software Modules:

Pre-registration (Mobile App or Website)
Allows voters to upload their data for faster processing at the voter registration centre.
Voter Registration
Voter registration software for capturing voters’ identity data and issuing a voter ID in the form of a barcode, QR code or PVC card.
Voter Roll
Provides de-duplicated voter rolls, segmenting them per polling station for organised, efficient voting. The e-poll book ensures quick voter identification, enhancing the electoral process.
Voter Verification
Voter verification software allows election workers at polling stations to verify voters and ensure that each voter can only cast their vote once.
Results Transmission
Signed-off tally sheets are securely transmitted to the central system. This data is then submitted to the results reporting module.
Result Reporting
The module provides immediate, accurate vote counts. This streamlined system safeguards the integrity of the election, ensuring transparent, verifiable results.

Voter Registration


Biometric Voter Registration

Laxton’s industry-leading Voter Registration Kit ensures a quick yet accurate registration process,
reducing waiting times and facilitating a seamless voting experience.

Voter Card Instant Issuance

Voter gets their card instantly at registration centres

Voter ID Card with QR-code for online and offline verification
Voter ID Card with chip for offline verification

“I received the voter card, which gives me the right to vote in the Municipal Elections. It is a good-quality card and easy to handle, it shows that we have been improving with each passing year.”

Filipe Nyusi
President of Mozambique

Mobile Biometric Voter Registration & Verification

Verify and register voters in the most remote areas

Chameleon 8

Fingerprint Scanner


Signature Pad


Chameleon 7

Fingerprint Scanner


Signature Pad

Document Authentication

Chameleon 5R

Fingerprint Scanner


Signature Pad

Document Authentication

Voter Verification & Voting

Ballot Casting

On election day voters are first verified and if accepted they can cast their vote.

Election Consumables

Ballot Boxes
Polling Booths
Indelible Ink, Brushes and Pens
Collapsible Cardboard Furniture
Stationary Packs
Security Seals
UV Torch
Hygiene Products

Ghana 2020 National Elections

“The freshly-compiled voters’ register by the Electoral Commission is arguably the most credible voter register in Ghana’s history.”

President of Ghana

Election Services

Consulting and Preparation

Laxton offers comprehensive support throughout the entire project, specialising in strategic planning and coordination. Our experts ensure seamless operations from start to finish, managing complexities, anticipating challenges, and ensuring transparency and trustworthiness.


Laxton’s logistics and freight management services ensure timely, secure transportation of election materials. Moreover, our warehouse management safeguards these essential resources, contributing to a transparent and credible election process.


To make the most of our solutions, we provide training courses to ensure operators have the skills and knowledge to operate the equipment efficiently.


Laxton’s in-country support team is dedicated to swiftly resolving any technical issues that may arise during the project, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted operation.

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