Go Anywhere
Register Everyone

Chameleon 8 is MOSIP compliant, which creates new opportunities for countries to biometrically register and verify citizens wherever they are. The device captures documents, fingerprints, irises, and faces, in line with ICAO requirements. By working closely with MOSIP, Laxton developed the registration client and Secure Biometric Interface, allowing operators to register citizens using this processor. Chameleon 8 conforms to the Secure Biometric Interface 1.0 Trust Level for registration and performs secure capturing, processing, signing, and biometric data encryption.

An identity in

3 minutes

Operate in any environment

The Windows-based tablet is highly customisable and modular to match the task perfectly. Captured data is safely stored while working offline and uploaded when re-connected. The lightweight device is easy to operate in any environment.


  • IP65 rated
  • MIL-STD 810G certified
  • 7600 mAh battery capacity
  • The 10-point durable full colour capacitive touch screen is scratch-resistant and sunlight readable.
  • The large screen creates a computer-like experience while completing forms
  • Allows for additions like a secure document reader
  • Accessories such as an IP67 case with printer


Built as a public good, MOSIP helps governments put a digital ID in place by embracing the best scalability, security and privacy practices. The platform aims to empower individuals with unique identities to authenticate themselves anywhere and anytime. 

A foundational ID system is a critical national infrastructure. It requires the highest level of security and accuracy. MOSIP provides the core modules needed for an identity system, according to their ‘Good ID’ philosophy. The foundation of Good ID is inclusivity.

A digital ID unlocks opportunities for individuals and should be accessible and fair with inclusive practices and features. Laxton is a proud member of the MOSIP Partner Ecosystem. This ecosystem helps stakeholders participate in developing foundational digital ID systems that are secure and interoperable.