Laxton Partner Programme

Laxton collaborates with a global network of partners, each offering specialised expertise in various areas. Our partners enhance our global reach by providing invaluable in-country support, from sales and training to project management. Our partners extend our capabilities and complement Laxton’s identity solutions. This collaborative approach allows us to offer a more nuanced, context-specific service, delivering timely and culturally sensitive projects while meeting the highest security and reliability standards.

Partner Programmes

Sales, Technology, Support


Training and Support

Laxton Partners


Sales Partner

Gain access to useful sales-focused information and material. The level of support you receive depends on various factors such as your commitment and the extent to which Laxton solutions are integrated into your offering.

A sales partnership is aimed at:
System Integrators
Referral Agents

Pre-sales Partner

This type of partnership includes tailored programmes. The level of support is based on the solutions required and partner commitment level. We have the tools to assist.

A pre-sales partnership targets:
Technology Partners
Independant Software Vendors
Subject Matter Experts

Media Partner

As a media partner we build a collaboration that aligns with your offering and brand. While campaigns may differ in size, region and strategy, the focus is always on a win/win result for everyone involved.

This type of partnership targets:
Marketing and Media Teams
Design Teams
Special Events / Trade Show Leads
Thought Leadership Programme Leads


Become a Partner

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