Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies to all websites referred to herein, visible on any of Laxton’s websites or any document that is connected with Laxton Group Ltd which is owned and operated by Laxton Group Ltd.

What exactly are cookies?
Cookies are text files that may be stored on your computer or other device when you visit a website. These are used to help websites work, keep track of your online movements within a website, etc.
Examples of cookies include:
– First party cookies are cookies that are placed by the website you are visiting.
– Third party cookies are cookies that are placed by a website other than the one you are visiting.
– Necessary cookies are cookies that are necessary to allow the technical operation of a website.
– Performance cookies are cookies that collect data on the performance of a website.
– Functionality cookies are cookies that increase the usability of a website.
– Targeting/advertising cookies are cookies that enable a website to send you personalised advertising/marketing.
– Session cookies are temporary cookies that are erased once you close your browser.
– Permanent cookies are cookies that stay on your device until you manually delete them or until your browser deletes them.

We may use cookies to:
– identify different users on the site
– improve the general functionality of our website
– tailor our website and products
– analyse how our website is used
How you can adjust/control your cookie settings

Your internet browser is most likely set up to automatically enable/accept a cookie. Your browser may warn you before accepting cookies, or you can set it to refuse them. Disabling cookies may impact your experience on our website performance.