Case Studies

In 2021, Ethiopia set out a comprehensive economic reform agenda to ensure macroeconomic stability, realign public and private sector roles, and unlock new growth potential. A critical task in this agenda is the introduction of a National Digital ID to enhance the digital economy, improve governance, and facilitate access to services.

Ethiopia National Identity Programme View Case Study

Amidst the Ukraine conflict, Hungary faced an unprecedented humanitarian crisis as it grappled with a surge of refugees seeking refuge and aid. In response, the Hungarian Police Department implemented advanced technological solutions, including the Chameleon 5R.

Enhancing Hungary’s Entry-Exit System View Case Study

Laxton has taken a significant step forward in digitising and modernising public services in Peru. This project, aimed at transforming the Peruvian National Registry of Identification and Civil Status (RENIEC).

Peru Citizen Enrolment Solution View Case Study

The European Union has been improving its border security, and Estonia is leading the way by implementing the Entry/Exit System (EES). To make this system work, Estonia partnered with Laxton for rugged, multi-modal biometric tablets.

Border Control in Estonia View Case Study

Of the 3 million eligible voters, 81% successfully registered. 27,192 registrations, accounting for 1.1% of the total, were identified as duplicates and subsequently purged from the Voters Roll, safeguarding the authenticity of each ballot.

Liberia National Elections View Case Study

Laxton’s digital identity systems provide fast, accurate data on travellers crossing EU borders by land, sea, and through airports to ensure smarter border control and tougher security.

Entry/Exit System for the EU View Case Study

The Electoral Commission of Ghana was dedicated to providing equal voting opportunities to all Ghanaians, regardless of their location. To achieve this, they implemented Laxton’s mobile identity registration and verification solution.

Ghana 2020 National Elections View Case Study