European Entry/Exit System best practice needs professional ID readers such as those provided by Laxton and Elyctis, says Rein Süld from SMIT, Estonia.

Biometric technology’s ability to identify and verify individuals based on unique biological characteristics has become a powerful tool for bolstering national and international security.

In challenging environments that demand seamless and dependable ID registration or verification, the Chameleon 8 stands out as the ultimate all-in-one solution.

Laxton’s range of Chameleon multi-modal biometric handhelds and tablets are MIL-STD-810G rated, fulfilling the US military’s stringent durability and performance criteria.

IP rating is a standardised system used to classify the level of protection devices provide against damage from dust, debris, and liquids.

The importance of a secure and reliable identification system as part of economic and infrastructure development cannot be overstated.

A Digital Identity Ecosystem has emerged as a transformative force in developing countries. Using it to accelerate digital transformation will promote inclusive and sustainable progress.

Biometric data provide unique and highly accurate identifiers for personal identification. However, relying solely on a single biometric modality may not always be enough.

Biometric identification has emerged as a powerful tool, benefiting individuals and societies significantly. Governments across Africa are realising its value in fostering inclusive development.

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