Tanzania enrols a record 96% of eligible voters


Eligible citizens were enrolled to vote


Biometric Registration Kits were supplied


Voting stations handled the high voter turnout

The National Election Commission sought a secure biometric voter registration and verification solution to enrol an estimated 24 million eligible voters. Streamlining the process and leveraging innovative technology to reach all voters across a vast landmass resulted in the country’s most accurate Voters’ Roll to date. This was achieved within the NEC’s set timeframe, mandate, and budget.


Solution: National Elections

Country: Tanzania

Year: 2015

Population: 51 million

Eligible Voters: 24 million

Case Study Content

  • Solutions to inspire voter confidence
  • End-to-end election management
  • Training local Kit operators and technicians
  • Data security is paramount
  • Record number of voters registered
  • A free and fair election
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