Revolutionising Border Control in Estonia

The European Union has been improving its border security, and Estonia is leading the way by implementing the European Entry/Exit System (EES). To make this system work, Estonia partnered with Laxton for rugged, multi-modal biometric tablets for its border control.

The collaboration between Laxton and SMIT is a remarkable example of innovation that promises to improve security, efficiency, and interoperability across the European Union borders. Estonia’s pioneering adoption of EES, supported by Laxton’s Chameleon 8 tablets demonstrates that advanced technology can fulfill the complex demands of modern border security.


Solution: Border Security

Country: Estonia

Year: 2020

Population: 1,32 million

Case Study Content

Estonia as the frontier of EES
Enhancing EES with Professional ID Readers
Streamlined Process & Advanced Technology
Operational Excellence in Harsh Conditions
Outcomes and Future Prospects