Malawi’s first digital Citizen’s Registry and
National ID Card


Only 55,000 of 9 million adults held a legal ID


Biometric Registration Kits distributed

5 minutes

To register one citizen

In 2017, Laxton was tasked with creating a National Registration and Identification System (NRIS). To accomplish this, Laxton utilised customised Identity Technology to register citizens both in urban and rural areas, which resulted in a centralised Citizen’s Registry. Thanks to the NRIS, Malawians were now able to access crucial services like government aid, healthcare, and banking, many for the first time. This program paved the way for them to fully participate in their country’s economic, social, and political spheres.


Solution: National ID

Country: Malawi

Year: 2017

Population: 17,88 million

Case Study Content

  • Malawi produces its first National ID Card
  • Entering the digital age
  • The plan is formulated
  • A tailor-made tech solution
  • Skills development is part of the service
  • Technician training
  • Phase one begins
  • A win-win for all
  • Leaving a legacy of equal opportunity
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