Laxton’s Election Management Solution Creates Credible Voters Roll for Liberian 2023 National Elections


of eligible voters registered


Registration centres


Records de-duplicated

This election was the first organised solely by the Liberian government since the end of the civil war in 2003, and it showcased a noteworthy leap in electoral transparency and technological innovation.

Laxton was tasked with implementing a comprehensive voter registration system, ensuring that every eligible citizen could register, including those in Liberia’s most remote regions, despite the challenges posed by the rainy season. Of the 3 million eligible voters, 81% successfully registered. 27,192 registrations, accounting for 1.1% of the total, were identified as duplicates and subsequently purged from the Voters Roll, safeguarding the authenticity of each ballot.


Solution: National Election

Country: Liberia

Year: 2023

Voters Registered: 2.4 million

De-duplicated: 27,192

Case Study Content

Equal access for all eligible voters
Preparations start in February 2023
Robust backend infrastructure
Advanced encryption keeps data safe
Training the operators
Mass registration starts
Duplicate entries removed
Exhibition of the provisional registration roll
Credible voters roll
Joseph Boakai wins election