Ghana runs its most credible, and cost-effective National Elections to date


Voter Turnout

1,25 million

More voters than 2016 election

– 41%

Lower cost per vote than 2016 election

The Electoral Commission of Ghana was dedicated to providing equal voting opportunities to all Ghanaians, regardless of their location. To achieve this, they implemented Laxton’s mobile identity registration and verification solution. Despite the increasing cost of elections around the world, the Commission was able to keep costs low for voters during the 2020 Elections. This was achieved by utilising Laxton’s Election Management System, which helped to streamline the voting process and reduce costs per voter.


Solution: National Elections

Country: Ghana

Year: 2020

Population: 31 million

Eligible Voters: 17 million

Biometric Registration Kits: 8,350

Case Study Content

Lessons learnt in 2016
The project goals are set
Overcoming every challenge
Technology tailored to meet all requirements
Technical support at every phase
Creative solutions for every problem
Enrolling all eligible voters
Successful elections held during a pandemic
2020 general elections voters registe
The Electoral Commission reaches it goals