EU Entry-Exit System –
Seamless and secure traveller flow

268 million

Passengers passed through ports in the EU in 2021


ID systems provided to EU countries


Supplied devices are ICAO, CE, ROHS and IP compliant

In 2018, the European Union (EU) initiated a modernised Entry/Exit System (EES) to enhance external border controls and manage cross-border crime and terrorism. To support this effort, Laxton was enlisted to develop Identity Registration and Verification systems that would meet the unique requirements of each member country. The objective was to ensure a swift and seamless process for processing individuals at land, sea, and airport borders while maintaining a high level of border security.


Solution: Border Security

Region: European Union

Year: 2019 to present

Population: 419 million

Case Study Content

Safety of EU Citizens through Border Control Solutions
A new era in border control
Creative technology solutions for unique challenges
Expanding into more EU countries with customised technology
A targeted solution that adapts to its environment