Enhancing Hungary’s Entry-Exit System
During a Refugee Crisis

Amidst the Ukraine conflict, Hungary faced an unprecedented humanitarian crisis as it grappled with a surge of refugees seeking refuge and aid. In response, the Hungarian Police Department implemented advanced technological solutions, including the Chameleon 5R. This device was deployed at entry and exit points to register individuals efficiently.

This case study delves into Hungary’s strategic adoption of the Chameleon 5R, emphasizing its crucial role in capturing facial images and fingerprints and verifying identification documents to bolster national security during the refugee influx.


Solution: Border Security

Country: Hungary

Year: 2023

Population: 9,8 million

Case Study Content

Managing a refugee influx at the border
Chameleon 5R for Entry Exit System
Addressing the Refugee Surge with Efficient Registration Solution
Facilitating Smooth Entry
Precision and Security, the Core Elements of Biometric Registration
Ensuring Integrity and Security in Refugee Registration
Streamlining Aid with Biometrics from Registration to Relief
Impact Assessment
Effective Crisis Response