Identity Management Platform

7 Principles of Athena

Athena is an advanced Identity Management Platform designed to create, manage, and safeguard citizen identities efficiently.

Security and Privacy

Prioritising the protection of individual identities


Seamless integration across various platforms and systems

Robust and Scalable

Designed to meet the growing demands of any system size

Online / Offline Functionality

Solutions for offline registrations and verifications

Audit Trail and Accountability

Ensuring transparency and traceability in every action

User-Friendly Interfaces

Intuitive interface for an optimal user experience

Fraud Prevention

Advanced measures to deter unauthorised activities

Athena Pillars

Platform Management

The platform management module of Athena serves as the central hub for configuring and overseeing various elements crucial for secure identity management. It allows for the initial setup of organisation parameters, specifying the framework within which all identity-related activities occur. User management is streamlined through role-based access controls, defining each role’s permissions within the system. The server architecture comprises central and node servers and is configured to optimise performance and redundancy. Security settings, including encryption and firewall rules, are fine-tuned, and a robust logging mechanism is integrated for audit trails and compliance monitoring.

Functional Identity Software

Athena’s Functional Identity Software module allows organisations to develop their identity software. Customers and partners can leverage Athena’s core strength and use the platform APIs and SDKs to build Functional Identity software that perfectly integrates into existing technical environments and processes. Pre-built applications like for Election Management, and National Identity Systems can be further customised for seamless integration into existing environments.


The integration module includes comprehensive features for seamless connectivity with various external systems and services. Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) can be integrated for advanced, secure authentication. Compatibility with external ID systems like MOSIP and OSIA ensures the solution can function within broader identity ecosystems. Customer datasets can be effortlessly merged for a unified view of user identity and activities. Supplier solutions can also be incorporated for specialised identity verification tasks. This holistic approach enhances scalability and functional robustness.

Data Collection & Processing

The Data Collection and Processing module is responsible for the secure acquisition, validation, and storage of identity-related information. Whether biometric data or other data like document scans, this module ensures that the information is stored in a standardised and secure manner.

Foundational Identity

The Foundational Identity manages data that serve as the authoritative source of truth for an individual’s identity, containing essential information such as biographical data (e.g., name, date of birth), biometric data (e.g., fingerprints, facial recognition), and other unique identifiers. The Foundational Identity module is critical for governments looking to create national ID systems, population registers, or voter lists.

Use Cases


National ID

Entry/Exit System

Population Register

Border Security

Law Enforcement

Develop your own

Functional Identity Software

Unlock the power of custom identity management. Develop your own functional identity software tailored to your specific needs using our robust APIs, SDKs, and software development training modules. Gain control, enhance security, and achieve seamless integration!


Athena’s APIs provide a robust and flexible framework for custom identity management solutions. Integrate seamlessly with existing systems, tailor features to your needs, and enhance security and efficiency in your organisation.


Athena’s Software Development Kits (SDKs) offer pre-built libraries and tools, simplifying the development of custom identity solutions. Accelerate your project’s timeline while maintaining high security and functionality standards.


Laxton’s software development training equips developers to fully unlock Athena’s capabilities. Through hands-on guidance, you can optimise operational efficiency, bolster security measures, and streamline system integration within existing identity systems.